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The Revised Fannie UAD Specs Dated 8-11-11

Fannie has updated some of their field specifications for performing UAD compliant reports:

Some of the updates include:
– Added additional clarity in Introduction and Purpose and Overview Sections.
– Added notation in multiple sections that  additional information can be provided elsewhere in the appraisal report.
– Added clarification to Overall Condition rating.
– Provided clarity on View and Location factors on how to report multiple factors.
– Provided additional notation on Basement & Finished Rooms Below Grade.
– Provided additional notation on Price of Prior Sale/Transfer.

Click on link to read updated UAD spec’s:


UAD Quick Reference Guide

Dave Towne from the state of Washington has released his UAD Quick Reference Guide.  It takes you step by step through the UAD process as it relates to an appraisal report. Thank Dave for taking the time to create this very useful tool. Click on the link to view the Guide: http://www.icapweb.com/upload/AES%20UAD%20Quick%20Ref%20Guide%20-%203-10-11.pdf



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