Daily Archives: November 10, 2011

ICAP Member is co-hosting the Real Estate Edge Radio Show

Randy Barcella long term ICAP member has been asked to join the Real Estate Edge Radio show as the co-host and resident appraiser expert. Randy has worked on other radio stations for over three years and is now promoting the appraisal industry and ICAP with his position on one of Chicago’s largest radio stations AM 560 WIND.



Randy has made several announcements during the show urging the audience to choose an appraiser based on experience, credentials and affiliation with organizations like ICAP.  Randy discusses several issues affecting the appraisal industry including the difference between a real estate appraisal and a home inspection, customary and reasonable fees as well as others.

The show airs every Sunday from 9 to 10am on 560 AM, or you could click the following link to listen to the shows streaming podcast anytime: http://realestateedgechicago.com/REE/podcasts.html.

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