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ICAP is Holding a Membership Drive

Tell your friends and colleagues, ICAP is holding a membership drive that allows new members to join ICAP for the remaining part of 2012 for 50% the regular price by using promo code WIND.

As part of ICAP’s efforts to enhance its membership and visibility it has developed a radio campaign that will air a 30-second message over a four-week period in the Chicagoland market.  The campaign includes a promotional code (WIND) that will allow new members to join ICAP for $30.00.

The promotion will air for four-weeks beginning Sunday July 1st on WIND AM 560; however, you could preview the promotion by clicking the following link: Radio Promo Spot for ICAP Membership.

Join ICAP today and qualify immediately for discounts on ICAP’s summer seminars, appraisers can register for the seminars at http://www.icapweb.com/


ICAP Member Featured In the Chicago Tribune

In a June 01, 2012 Chicago Tribune Article titled Understanding the Square Footage of Your New Home” Erik J. Martin writes that all square footage is not created equal, and that many shoppers blindly trust that the size of a new home featured in an ad or brochure is accurate.

The article states that real estate appraisers calculate the Gross Living Area (GLA) as the total finished, walkable and heated area above grade, as measured along the building’s exterior; the article goes on to say that completed areas below grade, such as finished basements, are not included in the GLA.

Bruce Wittman, SRA, ICAP member and partner with Papineau Wittman Group in Joliet contributes to the article by stating that “In my market area, builders are pretty accurate in the square footage they provide, and that builders will sometimes include finished areas below grade in split-level or bilevel houses, whereas an appraiser can only include those areas above grade in the Gross Living Area. In this case, the finished area below grade would be given value in a different part of the appraisal report.”

To read the full article click: http://articles.chicagotribune.com/2012-06-01/classified/ct-home-0601-square-footage-20120531_1_square-footage-dick-greenwood-home-appraisers

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