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Over 300 Appraisers Attend ICAP’s 2012 Lisle Seminar!

The August 13th ICAP seminar held at the Lisle Wyndham Hotel was a great success as measured by the 300 enthusiastic appraisers in attendance! They were treated to a fast-paced day covering a variety of topics of current interest.

Are you thinking “green”? Well, if you weren’t prior to the presentation by Ms. Sandy Adomatis, SRA, you are (or, should be) now! Sandy alerted those present that not only is “green” coming, it’s here now. Though there is not a single definition of what constitutes “green” (i.e., homes and other buildings that are energy-efficient and provide substantial savings in energy cost), it is important for appraisers to have—at a minimum—a working understanding of the topic so as not to be unprepared when presented with that “green” assignment. Those in attendance have a head start vs. many other appraisers as Sandy advised that there are relatively few appraisers who have completed a “green” course.

ICAP’s 2012 Seminar Chairman, Peter Poulos, MAI

UAD—“the good, the bad, the ugly!” OK, these are not options under UAD, but, appraisers may feel that way as they work to communicate an UAD compliant appraisal! Rich Heyn, SRA, offered advice on maneuvering through the various fields which require reporting in a manner that satisfies UAD requirements. Rich alerted attendees that the fields presenting the most compliance issues are, first, the street address as well as fields in the sales comparison approach grid: location, view, design, quality of construction and condition.

Mike Ireland, City of Bloomington Assessor, provided appraisers with valuable information regarding providing appraisals for use in appealing property taxes. From the assessor’s perspective, Mike shared insights as to what it takes to develop and communicate a credible appraisal for use in appealing real estate assessments.
T.J. McCarthy, SRA, and Jim Blaydes, SRA, brought the attendees current on what’s current on the legislative front and the efforts that ICAP is making to ensure that the collective voices of Illinois appraisers is heard in Springfield! We were reminded that though ICAP represents us in Springfield, when matters of importance come before legislators, there is nothing more important than appraisers contacting—via telephone, letter, e-mail—their representatives and senators and making certain that thoughts be known!

Bringing appraisers current with mobile technologies that can make their work more efficient and productive, Robert Smoote, Product Development Mgr., Apex—Appraisal Technologies, provided an overview of resources that are available to appraisers and a few of the pros and cons associated with various products. Techno-savvy or not, the presentation had something for all.

Brian Weaver, Appraisal Coordinator, IDFPR, State of IL, gave everyone an update of what now is important and affecting appraisers here in Illinois. On one matter, though the fact that the 400 complaints against appraisers in the past 12 months is a new high, it was pointed out that these complaints represent what is a distinct minority of all appraisers in IL.

We thank the exhibitors who shared information and expertise! We were fortunate to have a variety of contributors at this year’s Lisle event:

  • –Professional associations: American Society of Appraisers, Appraisal Institute, Nat’l. Assoc. of Independent Fee Appraisers
  • –Liability insurers: LIA, Landy
  • –AMCs: Allstate Appraisal, Real Valuation Services
  • –Software & Technology: Software for R.E. Professionals, MRED (MLS), Narrative1, APEX
  • –“The Wealth Essentials” radio show

–Lee Lansford, IFA, ASA

2012 ICAP Pre-Seminar Presentation

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