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ICAP is Making News

March 13th

ICAP Legislative Committee Chairman Rich deVerdier, MAI, SRA, AI-GRS met with Illinois Senator Don Harmon of the 39th District (www.donharmon.org).  Among other positions, Senator Harmon serves as President Pro Tempore and Co-Chairman on the Committee on Administrative Rules.   Discussions focused on Illinois’ failure to complete a required Customary and Reasonable Fee Study and of the AMC Recovery Fund for Appraisers.

  Rich & Rep Don Harmon

March 15th

ICAP President Rick Hiton, IFAS was interviewed on Real Estate Revealed with host Randy Barcella.  The interview focused on Customary and Reasonable Fees.  If you were not able to catch the live show, you can listen at https://soundcloud.com/real-estate-revealed/real-estate-revealed-march-15-2015.


March 26th

Rick will also be interviewed by Phil Crawford of the Voice of Appraisal next Thursday, March 26th.  You can listen at www.voiceofappraisal.com.

Phil Crawford

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