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200 Cases Before Georgia Real Estate Commissioner

ICAP has announced its 2012 Seminar Locations and Dates

ICAP-Illinois Appraiser update seminars– now in its 12th year – has announced its 2012 location and dates

This year’s location and dates are as follows:

Springfield – Monday, July 9th

Godfrey – Monday, August 6th

Lisle – Monday, August 13th

The full agenda for the events and the keynote speakers will be announced as they become available.  Continue to check ICAP’s website for future registration, information about the conference, and exhibitor opportunities.  More information about the event will be posted as it is made available.

Additional information about ICAP can be accessed at Follow ICAP on Twitter: @ICAPWeb.



Because ICAP members contacted their legislators expressing their opposition

We are not done…….. there will be a meeting with the chairperson, Representative Robert Rita, next week to discuss our opposition and disenchantment with SB3237.

PLEASE…………Contact Representative Robert Rita at (708) 396-2822, and any of the committee members in your district to let them know that our state stature currently does not even permit an appraiser trainee to develop an opinion of market value on a $10,000 vacant lot …………..why should an employee of the municipally be permitted to do this ?

SB3237 Chair Person and Committee Members

We can do this, but only as a team …………….

Jim Blaydes

If you have any questions please email or call me @ / 815.223.1110


LEGISLATIVE ALERT – Call Your State Representative IMMEDIATELY and urge them to vote NO for Senate Bill SB3237 –Real Estate Appraisal Waiver

Your help is urgently needed. Please contact your State Representative and ask them to vote NO on Senate Bill SB3237. This amendment to the Illinois Real Estate Appraisal Act provides that a license is not required to perform valuations if the valuations are performed by an employee of a municipality if the valuation is in an amount not to exceed $10,000 and meets other specified conditions. This would be effective immediately.

To read more about the bill click:

The specific committee members we are trying to reach could be found at the following link:

If you need assistance locating your State Representative, click on the following link:

When the page opens enter your home address. Click on the name of your State Representative. You will be directed to a page with their contact information.

Here is a possible script that you can use when calling or emailing your elected representative:

ICAP (IL coalition appraiser professionals) represents all most half of the certified appraisers in Illinois

We oppose the proposed amendment  SB3237

The IL Appraisal Board also opposes this amendment

We have concerns with non-certified appraisers filling out the waiver valuation forms, they are appraisals.

Currently, the state statue says you must be a state certified appraiser to complete appraisals on federally related transactions.

The waiver valuations require an estimate of market value, H & B use analysis, and estimate of damages.  To determine if any damages are created, must appraise the entire property before the proposed take, and after the proposed take to see if there are any differences.


Our state stature currently does not even permit an appraiser trainee to develop an opinion of market value on a $10,000 vacant lot …………..why should an employee of the municipally be permitted to do this ?

The waiver valuations are completed and offers are made to the consumers’ to purchase their property, they need to be completed by certified appraisers to protect the consumer…………….it is the law

Please call your State Representative immediately and ask them not to support Senate Bill SB3237.

If you have any questions please email or call Jim Blaydes, SRA @ or 815.223.1110


The Results: 2012 ICAP Seminar Survey

Earlier this month, ICAP conducted a survey to gain feedback from their membership; the objective was to help understanding the most relevant issues facing our membership and to use that data as the basis for our 2012 seminar planning.

Highlights of Summary Findings

  • 104 responses were received from our membership.
  • 22% of the respondents indicated a desire to have Appraisal Compliance as the topic they would most like to see at this year’s summer seminars
  • 12% chose to write in a topic

Survey results were received from respondents to ICAP’s Blog, (, while most respondents were members of ICAP some nonmembers expressed interest in voting.  Repeat voting was not allowed and the answers and order were randomized.  Click the following image for a detailed summary of the results:

2012 Poll Results

The preceding data suggest that ICAP members wanted to learn most about Appraisal Compliance, with Emerging Technology, GIS, & Digital Imaging coming in second with 17% of the total votes.  Some of the write in suggestions included: exposure time, USPAP, appraisal review, and understanding foreclosures & short sales, indicated as follows (click to enlarge):

In summary, this poll provided the Board of Directors with accurate and reliable data which will help us plan informative and relevant seminars for our members.

Thanks to all who participated.

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