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ICAP Promotion on Wealth Essentials Radio this Sunday

This Sunday (July 29th from 5:30 to 7:00 pm) the Wealth Essentials Radio Show (AM 560) will feature Peter Poulos, MAI, and Richard DeVerdier, SRA, from the Illinois Coalition of Appraisal Professionals (ICAP) to talk about ICAP’s annual seminars.



In addition to discussing ICAP’s seminars Richard and Pete will talk about the benefits of ICAP membership, and the WIND membership drive that allows new members to join ICAP for the remaining part of 2012 for 50% the regular price by using promo code WIND.

As part of ICAP’s efforts to enhance its membership and visibility it has developed a radio campaign that will air a 30-second message over a four-week period (on WIND) that will allow new members to join ICAP for $30.00.  You could preview the promotion by clicking the following link: Radio Promo Spot for ICAP Membership.

Join ICAP today and qualify immediately for discounts on ICAP’s summer seminars, you can join ICAP at

If you have not signed up for ICAP’s Godfrey or Lisle seminars, there is still time to do so, this year’s remaining location and dates are as follows:

Godfrey – Monday, August 6th

Lisle – Monday, August 13th

You can register for the seminar at

ICAP Recap-2012 Springfield Seminar

The ICAP Springfield seminar Monday, July 9th, was a great success.  Approximately 110 participants attended the seminar, which covered a variety of current topics.

Rich Heyn, SRA began the seminar and discussed the UAD form.  Rich provided tips, tricks and trouble spots when completing the UAD form and singled out areas of the form such as address, view, condition, quality and the sales comparison grid, which have provided problems for all participants.Mike Ireland was the second speaker and discussed the Appraisal Practice Board and property tax appraisals.  Mike provided insight on the assessor’s side of the appraisal process and tips on providing a credible appraisal for the tax appeal side.

Rich Heyn, SRA

Rich Heyn, SRA

A full lunch was served adjacent to the seminar room, which provided opportunities for networking and talking to the speakers on an informal basis.The first speaker after lunch was Sandy Adomatis, SRA.  Sandy discussed the appraisal of green properties, which are properties that energy efficient and provide substantial savings in energy costs.  Her presentation was very informative and pleasantly surprised a number of attendees, who had different expectations regarding the material.  Sandy discussed the coming importance of energy efficient housing and how it will likely be a significant value influence in the future.

Sandy Adomatis, SRA

Sandy Adomatis, SRA

Jim Blaydes, SRA and Tim McCarthy, SRA followed Sandy Adomatis and spoke about current legislative activity.  Jim and Tim spoke about the legislative successes our industry has experienced in the past year and also spoke about the current and future issues ICAP is monitoring.

Jim Blaydes, SRA and Tim McCarthy, SRA

Jim Blaydes, SRA and Tim McCarthy, SRA

Both Tim and Jim spoke of the importance ICAP member’s phone calls, emails and letters to legislatures have been to our legislative successes.  We would not have had the successes we had this year without these correspondences to our legislators.

The final speaker was Brian Weaver, our Illinois appraisal director.  Brian spoke about the myriad of issues with which the agency is currently dealing.  Brian also spoke about supervisory appraiser/trainee appraiser issues.

Brian Weaver

Brian Weaver

Overall, we had a very good turnout and the day was very informative.  If you have not signed up for the Godfrey or Lisle seminars, there is still time to do so.  These seminars provide very relevant information and networking opportunities.

ICAP’s President is Featured In the Daily Herald

In a July 11, 2012 Daily Herald article titled “Mortgage rates at historic lows, but it’s harder to refinance” Anna Marie Kukec writes that despite the fact that mortgage rates have dropped to historic lows, there are some homeowners who can’t take advantage of the low rates.

The article states that a job loss, a poor credit score or a reduced home value in a tough real estate market littered with foreclosures is making it difficult or impossible to qualify for a new home loan.

Tamara J. Bellisario, president of the Illinois Coalition of Appraisal Professionals (ICAP) and president/owner of Bellisario Property Consultants in Gurnee contributes to the article by stating that, “seeing concrete evidence of what their home is worth can be a shock, even for those who aren’t trying to sell, this has been very difficult for homeowners because their values aren’t where they need to be, and that when homeowners see the loss of value, it can be emotionally difficult.”

Ms. Bellisario goes on to say that “We (appraisers) have more government restrictions on us now than ever before; a 12-page report has now become a 40-page report.”

To read the full article click:

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