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ICAP has announced its 2013 Seminar Locations and Dates

ICAP-Illinois Appraiser update seminars– now in its 13th year – has announced its 2013 location and dates.  This year’s location and dates are as follows:

July 15 Springfield – Crowne Plaza

July 29 –Lisle – Wyndham Hotel

Aug 16 – Godfrey – LCCC

The full agenda for the events and the keynote speakers will be announced as they become available. Continue to check ICAP’s website for future registration, information about the conference, and exhibitor opportunities. More information about the event will be posted as it is made available.

Additional information about ICAP can be accessed at Follow ICAP on Twitter: @ICAPWeb

Final Notice for 2013 Dues

If your dues are not paid by the end of February, you will be removed from our member database and you will lose all the benefits of membership.

–        Discounts on the ICAP summer seminars

–        Tuition discounts on sponsoring organizations offerings

–        Access to the ICAP education and events calendar

–        Access to the ICAP job search page

–        Access to the thousands of industry links (recently updated)

–        Representation in Springfield on legislative issues with a full time lobbyist

–        Monthly industry email updates and alerts

–        Free listing in the ICAP statewide directory

–        We receive and answer hundreds of emails and phone calls throughout the year from our members looking for assistance on numerous issues

All these benefits and more for a low annual membership fee of $60.00.

…and even if these great benefits weren’t part of your membership, we would still need your representation as a member because when it comes to politics there is strength in numbers.  We often call on the ICAP ARMY to help us pass or defeat legislation and we have been very effective when we all work together.  ICAP represents approximately half of the licensed appraisers in Illinois, but we need everyone to join.   Help us increase our membership by reaching out to your peers.

So if you haven’t renewed yet, don’t delay and further.  The time is now and we need your support.

Thank you,

Click on the following link to pay online or download a mail in renewal notice:

Please consider contributing to the ICAP-PAC.

ICAP-PAC, the appraisers political action fund, collects contributions from members and uses those funds to help elect candidates for public office who are supportive of appraiser related issues.  ICAP-PAC contributions are voluntary and not tax deductible.  Please consider contributing to the ICAP-PAC.

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ICAP has one of the top 10% most viewed LinkedIn profiles for 2012

ICAP has one of the top 10% most viewed LinkedIn profiles for 2012. To view ICAP’s profile and connect with ICAP click the following link:
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