A Message From ICAP’s 2021 President

I have been asked several times, what my personal agenda is for my year as President of ICAP. I want to advance the appraisal profession.

There are four topics that I know of that all ICAP members should be aware of at this time.  1) Covid-19 is influencing our ability to host this year’s seminars, 2) Re-authorizing our Appraisal Act and rewriting the associated rules, 3) a Discrimination Prevention Bill, 4) Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

  1. We have applied for licensing of the 2021 seminars. We really would have preferred to offer these live seminars. However, with the scheduled availability of the Covid-19, in person seminars are not realistic.  We will be offering the three seminars in a synchronous vertical format instead.  ICAP in confident this format is very doable.  We can use your help if you have experience with conducting vertical webinars.  
  2. ICAP has submitted proposed changes to the IFDPR for their consideration as they prepare the bill to re-authorize our Appraisals Act which expired December 31, 2021.  There are needed changes to both the Act and the Rules.  If you have an issue, Please let your board members hear about it. 
  3. Representative Mary Flowers (D) is sponsoring HB5862.  This bill was predictable after the protest of 2020. ICAP will be working with the Realtors and our lobbyist as this bill works through the legislative process.  The IDFPR has already expanded the anti-discrimination parts of their proposal our Appraisal Act reauthorization. Discrimination is and has long been illegal and prohibited from the appraisal profession. 
  4. The State of Illinois requires all professional Licensed to attend a one-hour training on Sexual Harassment Prevention prior to renewing any and all Licenses.  I believe Brokers had to complete this training before renewing their Broker’s licenses in 2020.  ICAP had planned on offering this class as an eighth hour seminar with each of the 2020 Seminars.  We are planning to offer this class with the 2021 Seminars this year.  This one-hour class Does Not qualify as Continuing Education.  It is not specific to Appraisal.  Therefore, we can take any of the IDFPR approved classes.  This class may be offered before or after each of the Seminars this summer or as a stand-alone seminar. 

I look forward to serving you in 2021 along with all of the ICAP Board members. I know this will be a busy year. The only ways I know to be successful is to get started and listen to as many points of view as possible. Therefore, I will provide you my phone number and email so as to make it a easy as possible for you to help me advance the appraisal profession.

Respectfully Submitted, 

Herbert Meyer, ARA
2020 ICAP President

Membership Renewals Are Due

A friendly reminder that ICAP memberships expired on January 1st, 2020 (unless you already renewed your membership). 

Join or renew your 2020 membership on-line here, or you can mail this form with a check or use a credit card.

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ICAP was established in 1994 to be a unified voice for Real Estate Appraisers in the State of Illinois

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