2018 First Quarter President’s Message

2018 First Quarter President’s Message

Illinos Coaltion of Appraisal Professioals
205 W. Wacker Drive, #202
Chicago, Illinois 60606

Dear Illinois Appraiser,

I am excited to share with you ICAP’s progress so far in 2018.  This has probably been one of the busiest first quarters in recent history.  As such, this letter is unavoidably a bit longer than I’d like.  If nothing else, please focus on these couple items:

  1. Ensure to read the bolded events and register to participate
  2. Read through the list of ICAP Board of Directors (last page) and take the time to thank any one you know for their time and efforts. As you will see, we all have been very busy this year!

ICAP Membership Renewal

If you are receiving this newsletter, it is because you have renewed your membership.  First, I would like to thank you for your renewal and assure you that your membership dues are working for you.  See ICAP’s industry participation below.  ICAP’s primary source of income is membership dues.  Far less secondary income is from ICAP Summer Seminars and other programs throughout the year.  I would ask every member to please encourage their colleagues to become a member if they are not already.  You can direct them to www.icapweb.comto join.

Participation in Illinois Appraiser Interests:

  • Attended all 3 ISB Meetings (Illinois Real Estate Appraisal Adminstration and Disciplinary Board)
  • Attended TFAC Meeting (The Appraial Foundation Advisory Council) in Washington, D.C.
  • ICAP Introduced 2 state house bills in 2018
    • HB5266 – Limitations/Repose: Appraisers
      • Proposes a 5 year limit on actions against the appraiser
    • HB5502 – Real Estate Trainee Appraiser
      • Removes 2 time maximum renewal for the Illinois trainee
      • Removes the Illinois trainee appraiser exam
    • ICAP is working with legislators and officials on other bills and rules of concern
      • SB2617 – Amends AMC Registration Act
      • SB3186 – Finance – Funds & Mandates
      • SB2852 – Real Estate Appraisers (third party, multi-state licensing system)
      • IDFPR Appraisal Board Disciplinary Matrix
    • Meetings ICAP has held with legislators and other governmental agencies
      • State Representative Tony Mccombie – December 6, 2017
      • State Senator Don Harmon – January 18, 2018
      • Statate Senator Dave Syverson – January 25, 2018
      • US Senator Dick Durbin – February 8, 2018
      • US Senator Tammy Duckworth – February 8, 2018
      • State Senator Pam Althoff – March 8, 2018
      • IDFPR Director Kreg Allison – March 22, 2018
    • ICAP participated in letters to government agencies (see https://icapweb.org/legislative_watch.php)
      • Letter to Appraisal Subcommittee (ASC) regarding TriStar Bank’s request for a temporary appraisal waiver – February 16, 2018
      • Letter to ASC written by the Network of State Appraiser Organizations regarding TriStar’s Temporary Waiver Request – March 17, 2018
      • Letter to Mike Crapo, Chairman of the Committee on Banking and Housing and Urban Affairs -March 19, 2018

Needless to say, it has been a very busy first quarter for 2018.  We are very thankful for the various legislators and government officials for their willingness to meet with ICAP, listen to our concerns, and in many cases modify proposed legislation.

You can participate, and it is important that you do.  One of the most important events ICAP organizes is Lobby Day. It is a one day event in Springfield, Illinois.  You will be joined into one of many small teams that will meet with state representative and senators to discuss some of Illinois Appraiser concerns.  It is a low stress event as you will be briefed and be given Talking Points to share.  You may choose to not speak, but just participate with your presence – which is just as important.  The event is free and includes a dinner afterwards.  Please make it a priorty this year to participate and register at:

Lobby Day
May 9, 2018 (11:00 am to 6:00 pm)
Springfield, Illinois
Register at www.icapweb.com and click on Lobby Day at the top right corner

You can also participate by attending one of three summer seminars this year.  Seminars are always a great way to ensure you are informed about the profession, and this year’s seminars are no different.  Find out more at www.icapweb.com and click on Seminars near the top right.

Seminar Dates and Locations

May 21, 2018              Collinsville, Illinois
June 25, 2018              Springfield, Illinois
August 20, 2018           Lisle, Illinois

Other events and dates to watch for are:
ICAP Golf Outing

Monday, September 17, 2018
Gleneagles Country Club, Lemont, Illinois

ICAP Job Fair
October 26, 2018
Chicago, Illinois

ICAP, is the oldest and largest coalition in the country.  Please remember that this isYOURcoalition, and your participation is required to keep ICAP strong.   Thank you in advance for YOURparticipation; again it is very important.  See next page for a list of ICAP Directors, please send a quick email or text to thank any directors you know.  Encouragement goes a long way!

Kenneth J. Mrozek, Jr., MAI, SRA, ASA
ICAP 2018 President


ICAP 2018 Board of Directors
2018 ICAP Executive Board

Ken Mrozek – President
Karen Emerle – Vice President
Ron DeVries – Treasurer
Herb Meyers – Secretary
Barton DeLacy – Immediate Past President

ICAP Webmaster
Rich deVerdier

Directors – through 2018
Richard Palm
Ivette Collins
Joe Calvanico
Barbara Neal
Patrick Felvey
T.J. McCarthy

Directors – through 2019
Keith Wolf
John Satter
Mark Gasick

Directors – through 2020
Brian Waibel
Tedd Neff
Jim Blaydes
Susan Ulman

ICAP also asked for the members to volunteer and actively particpate on various ICAP committees.  We had 14 ICAP members volunteer to get involved.  We are still in the process of getting all 14 engaged in the various committees, but I’d like to recognize those that have already provided assistance this quarter.

Legislative Committee
Rich deVerdier – Chair
Lee Lansford
Rob Landis

Seminars Commitee
Cameron Rex
Penny Murden
Adebayo Adanri

ISB Committee
Kimberly MacPherson
Gina Reynolds
Kimberly MacPherson

About icapweb

ICAP was established in 1994 to be a unified voice for Real Estate Appraisers in the State of Illinois

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