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Fannie Mae’s Collateral Underwriter (CU)

Fannie Mae’s Collateral Underwriter (CU) is a trending topic among appraisers for a reason, as it is a critical issue that will soon affect appraisers nationwide.  ICAP is working to stay ahead of the issue and asking that valuable data collected from our appraisals be made available to the appraiser.  One way you can still participate is to sign an online petition.  The petition started in November of 2014 and currently has over 3,400 appraisers joining.  If you haven’t already, please join this online petition by clicking on this link.  Time is running out.

ICAP was one of 18 other State Appraisal Organizations to sign a letter sent to the Director of the Federal Housing Finance Agency – FHFA.  The letter requests valuable market data and marketing tools the CU offers lenders to be made available to appraisers.  Click here to see the letter.

There will continue to be updates from ICAP concerning this issue and please be sure to keep on top of the news.  If you think you missed anything, you can always stay connected by joining the ICAP Blog at: or by visiting the ICAP website at:

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